Kayla Deep Rose Top

Rs 1,000.00 Rs 1,500.00

  • Product Description

      The Kayla Collection is slightly thicker for cooler days. 

      With long sleeves and a hole for the thumb, this crop top can be worn alone or over a sports bra or yoga top. It matches the high waisted leggings, which are very flattering on the tummy thanks to its good compression. Perfect for the gym or to flow in your yoga.

      Additional Features:

      - Moisture Wicking

      - 4-way Stretch

      - Helps keep internal warmth

      How to wash:

      To prolong the life and maintain the quality of your Elmi Activ Wear, please wash the clothes inside out using low temperature water without any fabric softeners which prevents color fading and minimize fabric wear. Ensure that different colors are washed separately and avoid using the dryer instead air it out naturally.

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