Welcome to o.Moi Skincare

"o.Moi is a natural skincare brand, made in Denmark, born from a deep-rooted French cosmetic experience

enriched with British education and tinted with memories of Mauritius. 

No parabens, no silicones, no mineral oils and no artificial fragrance are used.

From my Aromatherapy background, I have a passion for essential oils, which are renowned as to have an effect on the skin but also on the mind.

This has led to unique blends to take you on a journey of well-being, hence the holistic approach of the brand.

As a frequent traveller, I like my products to be multi-purpose, where the uniqueness lies in the fact that the products can be mixed and matched according to your skin needs.

Embark on this “green” journey with o.Moi natural skincare!

The products that I have created, have significantly improved my skin condition and I truly hope they will do the same for you!"


With love,

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