Yoga Instructor



I was introduced to yoga at a very young age by my grandmother. She was my role model, a shy and quiet little woman, but with determination and a strong-will. She used to practise her yoga and Qi Gong every single day as soon as she woke up.

As for me, Yoga was something on and off, but it clicked and became a deep passion in 2016 at a time in my life when I most needed it and was in a dark hole. The numerous trials of failed insemination and IVFs, including a miscarriage was a rollercoaster of emotions. Yoga made me learn to truly breathe, to focus, clear my mind and heart from all the sadness and aches and to be in the present moment. I was connected with myself and only myself during my yoga practice. I loved to challenge myself to go deeper at every practice and my mind was not then focussed on the fact that I couldn't fall pregnant.

It is said that Yoga helps to cure one's ailments and it is true for me. It helped to be more positive in general. Learning to breathe, not only changed my whole practice but also helped with my stamina. The change in my mind and the reduced level of stress thanks to Yoga finally lead to me falling pregnant and my son was born.

I then became serious in my yoga practice after my son was born. I was convinced after 5 years of trying that I couldn't have a baby naturally, but my daughter proved me wrong. 



Yoga avec Kristèle

Today I am a 200hr-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) doing my 300hr to become Senior Yoga Teacher and certified by the International Yoga Alliance. To be honest, I did my yoga teacher training for my own benefit at the beginning. It was for the sole purpose of better understanding the alignment of each pose, the science behind and the benefits of each pose. I am first to say that the asanas do have benefits on our health as I don't have to take my medicine anymore, suffering from hypothyroidism. I believe that my constant practice has helped to regulate my thyroid glands.


Today, I am happy to share my passion to many who have discovered the joys and benefits of yoga too.

During a Vinyasa session, you can expect to follow a flow of asanas as you feel muscles engaged ... muscles which you didn't even realised, existed. Beginners will learn to link their breath with each movement, hold poses for better alignment while improving strength and flexibility. As for more experienced yogis, they can perfect their poses and connect with themselves.

Lors d'une séance de Vinyasa, vous pouvez vous attendre à suivre un flow d'asanas (poses de yoga) en sentant travailler vos muscles. Les débutants apprendront à lier leur respiration aux mouvements, maintenir les poses pour un meilleur alignement, tout en améliorant force et souplesse. Quant aux yogis plus expérimentés, ils pourront perfectionner leurs poses.


Breathing is an essential element during the practice, in order to be able to release muscular tensions or to go deeper into the pose, improving flexibility. Of course, the full expression of the pose is not necessarily the most essential. The most important thing is to know how to listen to your body and to feel good physically and mentally.

Whatever the level, make the physical and mental well-being your goal. The practice usually ends with a short meditative moment, creating space for self-awareness and changing one's outlook on life to one that is more positive.

Please remember this quote:

«You don't have to be flexible to do yoga but your mind has to be.»