Goodbye Denmark!

Posted on March 07 2020

Goodbye Denmark!

After 22 years living in Europe, first for my studies in Newscatle Upon Tyne & Montpellier, then in in Paris and London where I forged my career in the cosmetic industry to eventually end up in Copenhagen and Aarhus where I established my own brand o.Moi, I have decided to relocate back to Mauritius.

This decision is the result of a deep reflection about how I can continue to grow the brand and provide the best environment for my young family. As you know ‘Time’ is a core concept of my brand and whilst technology allows for greater connectivity, nothing can replace or create stronger memories / bonds than spending time with those we love. Therefore, giving the opportunity to my young children and my ageing parents and grandparents the opportunity to spend time together is priceless.

As a customer of o.Moi, this means that our products will no longer be manufactured and shipped from Denmark but rather have the “Made in Mauritius” brand. We are working on minimizing the disruption to the delivery of your orders placed between end of March and the month of April and are welcomed to contact our retail and distributor network.  

This change of manufacturing footprint is also a great opportunity to increase the company’s effectiveness and impact in having an environmentally sustainable supply chain by sourcing and using more local / regionally sourced ingredients thereby directly supporting those communities.

It will of course take some time for us to be operational again in Mauritius. Therefore, we won't be able to satisfy any orders from our webshop as from end of March until June. For this reason we're doing a 1-week-offer of 30% off starting today until Saturday 14th at midnight. The discount will be done automatically upon any purchase as from 330kr.

I would like to thank you for your support to date and hope that you will continue to support the brand. My commitment to providing you with the best natural skincare product remains unshakable and I look forward to your continued patronage.



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